Navnirmiti was born in a mass science popularization campaign around the total solar eclipse of 1995. The surplus from the production and sale of low cost, high quality solar filters became the seed fund for registering the Navnirmiti Trust with the objectives of

  • Promoting scientific approach and rational thinking
  • Universalization of quality math and science education
  • Providing viable decent employment, especially to women
  • Self reliance as a mode of existence
  • Promoting the values of the Indian constitution

About Navnirmiti

In 2012 it was decided to set up two section 25 A non profit companies working with the same commitments and values. You may visit both the websites -

Trustees : AamodKarkhanis (Chairperson), Sugandhi Francis (Secretary), PurushottamTripathi (Treasurer), Chandita Mukherjee, Dr. Ragini Sen, Vimal Bhor, Dr. K.P. Jayashankar.

Principal Advisor: Dr. Vivek Monteiro

The trust has adopted the motto of “Quality for Equality”.

Navnirmiti is today an active player in promoting the quality mandate of the right to education . Our team rigorously implements a roadmap and programmes in math and science for ‘quality education for all’ at various levels. We also focus on policy interventions necessary for the same.

The team at NN has innovated several learning tools , games and toys such as the Jodo 3 d polyhedra kit,, the mathemat, the Jungle game, Experimath kit, navrang puzzle, multiplay, daytime astronomy kit, magic mirror, suryasandesh card, ball and mirror solar projector, geosynchron, nano solar system, etc. Navnirmiti’s products have earned a reputation for being both highly effective and affordable. They are in use all over India and also abroad. Navnirmiti also designs custom made mathkits and mathlabs for pre-primary, upper-primary, highschool/secondary schools.

Our universalization programmes in primary and secondary math at a mass level have yielded significant outcomes and are now being implemented in many schools, both private and government. Universal Active Math- a comprehensive programme for achieving math universalization – has been developed based on this field experience, also incorporating the suggestions of many teachers. It uses a unique “Two Step Pedagogy” for learning mathematics by understanding. This method ensures that every child becomes comfortable with mathematics. Navnirmiti’s master resource persons have held workshops in all the states of India, and also in South Africa and Turkey attended by more than 20,000 teachers.

Our experience with conducting community learning centres over several years has led to the development of materials and a comprehensive kit for early childhood education. Every summer NN has been conducting highly popular multiple ‘Caravaan’ summer camps for children who attend the municipal schools, in which the children develop their innate creative talents for art, theatre, science, math and sport.

Navnirmiti has been an active participant in all the mass science campaigns organized by the All India People’s Science Network in the past two decades including the Total solar Eclipse 1999, IYA 2009, Transit of Venus 2004 and 2012, and ‘All Eyes on Ison’ campaign in 2013. It has developed in practice a comprehensive programme of daytime astronomy containing dozens of ‘wow’ experiments which children can perform with self constructed equipment. This helps children to learn math, geometry, physics, geography and science by doing and understanding.

A production unit at Mumbai, centres for the dissemination of ‘learning by doing’ materials and choice books - ‘Discover it’ at Mumbai and ‘Samtesathi Gunvatta’ at Pune have been set up and have achieved viable self sufficiency. NN has facilitated the establishment of the W.W. Sawyer Memorial and the Priti Shankar Library of Popular Math and Science at Pune.

Navnirmiti works in collaboration with like minded organisations in several states for the achievement of its objectives. It is affiliated to the All India People’s Science Network.

In 2012 it was decided to set up two autonomous section 25 A non profit companies - Navnirmiti Eduquality based at Mumbai, and Navnirmiti Learning Foundation based at Pune.